PowerPoint presentations pose as a powerful tool for businesses worldwide to exhibit their ideas and influence the stakeholders. Visually appealing slide decks perform the function of impressing the clients beyond measure.

Corporates often leverage graphic designers to build unique slideshows to set them apart from the herd of typical boardroom presentations. 

Presentations can prove to be a designer’s apex tool to sell their ideas. Hence, they must construct engaging and impeccably designed slide decks to persuade their audience. A few golden tips can help every designer to create wow-worthy and enticing slideshows. Hence, this article will be your perfect guide for that. 

Here are ten tips for every designer to build mesmerizing presentations:

Professional Templates

Designers are known for their creativity. Therefore, using stock and dull templates will render your slide deck less attractive. Integrate professional PowerPoint templates from sites like SlideModel to fuse your decks with captivating visuals. Pick top-notch templates that resonate with your branding aesthetics and enhance your slide content. Professionally tailored templates offer every slide deck a quintessential appeal. 


Vector Graphics

Incorporate your slides with a plethora of HD and vector graphics. Presentations with vibrant and charming visuals speak more to the audience than a text-based one. Opt for pixel-perfect, non-blurred, and splendid imagery to craft eye-catching decks. Graphics further enhance the retention and comprehension of your slide message as it acts as a visual aid. 


Colour Palette

One of the best ways to highlight your key points is by creating colour-contrast on your slides. Blend them with a high-contrast colour palette to capture the essence of your slide content. Place dark coloured text on a light background and vice versa for a pleasing contrast. A pro tip here is to embed your decks with the brand colours to make them more impressive. Ensure to stick to only 2-3 colours throughout the presentation.



As a graphic designer, you must know that your audience always processes the information in a categorical flow. The readers of the west tend to process texts from left to right and top to bottom. Place the content of your PowerPoint templates in a manner synced with an intuitive flow of the visual information. Utilize lines, arrows, shapes, and contrasting colours to guide your reader’s eyes in the desired pattern.



Visual hierarchy assists in organizing your slide elements depending on their importance. Thus, prioritize the information in your slides in a way that catches the attention of your clients first. Use high contrast essentials like larger text size or bold type that your client views first and moves to read the smaller text. Differences in size and colour are the prime determinants of their value. 


Typographical Mastery

Design your slides with Sans Serif fonts like Helvetica instead of Serif fonts like Comic Sans for easy readability. Remember to keep your font size to 30pt or more to keep your investors focused on your message. Always place your title in a bigger font than your slide content. Ditch writing lengthy paragraphs and opt for bullets. Utilize only six bullets in every slide and six words per sentence. Create your slides as compact as you can.


Data Visuals

Unleash your creativity and designing potential with awe-inspiring data visualization. Project your numbers and statistics with colour-coded charts, diagrams, timelines, and flowcharts to make them digestible for your audience. Data presented in bullets often overwhelms the audience and fails to leave a memorable mark. Fabricate your presentations with powerful data visuals to influence the audience. 



Proximity is a crucial point to note for designers to build splendid and striking presentations. Be mindful of the distance or proximity between your slide elements to exhibit your message with clarity. For example, objects placed close by are grasped as related, while items placed at a distance are presumed to be unrelated. A pro tip here is to set the slide items closer or further based on their relationship. 


White Space 

Give your slides enough breathing room to make them visually pleasing. Packing them with all the information at once will only clutter them and confuse your clients. Leave some white space between slide elements that aid your audience to grasp the information quickly. It will give your slide deck a premium look. Bind the motto of less is more while designing your perfect slides. 


One Topic Per Slide

A coherent structure goes a long way to make your presentation a success. Avoid mixing excessive topics on one slide. It will not only make an unorganized mess but puzzle your audience as well. Imbibe only one topic per slide in a way that reinforces your ideas rather than repeats them. Forge not more than ten slides as lengthy presentations tend to make your audience lose interest in it from the beginning. 

Professionally designed business presentations with a consistent style can create a tremendous impact on the audience. Graphic designers must keep these ten enlightening tips in mind before designing their ideal slide deck. Add a dash of creativity, style, and structure to your slides and outshine your competitors. 



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