Guide to Selecting the Best Webcam

In the era of COVID, remote work has become a new normal, which significantly influenced the new employment rules and communication methods.

Although in most sectors the number of available jobs has fallen, certain sectors, such as eCommerce or those related to IT have experienced a period of fast growth. According to the experts at Virtual Headquarters, outsourcing at least some of the tasks became an even more popular practice than before.

However, that’s not all. A significant portion of employees is no longer confined to the company’s office, but rather, is free to work from home. As a result, webcams gained immense popularity, becoming an indispensable gadget in every home office.

If you’re looking for ways to boost the quality of your video conferences, we can give you a hand. There are indeed some essential factors you should take into consideration before the purchase. Below, you can find a helpful guide to select the best webcam.


Webcam Sensor Resolution

A high resolution is a real must-have if you want to have a good quality webcam. In order to avoid a grainy look on the screen, you should go for at least 720p webcam, though still, it might not be perfect. A better sensor would make your experience smoother. Today’s webcams are mostly made to support only high-definition video capture.

Remember, don’t bite more than you can chew. If you have a limited Internet bandwidth, a better solution is to go for a lower resolution that can work smoothly, instead of choosing a high-quality resolution with a risk of extremely slow performance.


Frame Rate

An important aspect when choosing the right webcam is the high frame rate. Products that miss the high frame rates tend to produce bad quality images that stutter and periodically freeze on the screen. Cameras supporting video at minimum 15fps (frames per second) are needed for streaming.

Higher quality makes videos smoother, and let’s be honest - make you look way better. If you’re a passionate gamer and create live streams, we recommend you going for high-end camera support with a minimum of 720p video at 60 frames per second. If your main goal is chatting with friends or having occasional video meetings at work, such quality is not that necessary.



Another crucial thing you should not forget is the audio. Most of the webcams have a good-quality microphone to support sound recording. Additionally, they are able to control the background noise. It can appear to be a blessing when working from home with a bunch of children playing around your “office.” Noise cancellation it’s a significant help if you want to have decent audio.



Proper lighting is also essential when it comes to video conversations. When you sit in a place with insufficient daylight, it may be problematic to see you through the screen. The right solution is a ring light webcam. A high-quality webcam is also able to adjust brightness and make color corrections. If not, you can always do it manually.


Webcam Lenses

Another aspect to consider is the webcam’s lens. It’s highly recommended to go for glass lenses rather than plastic ones. Glassy lenses provide you with better visuals and make faster light adjustments, such as brightness, autofocus, or colors.



Last but not least, when investing in good quality equipment, make sure it’s properly protected. Choose wisely from a well-known source and brand of which reviews you can find everywhere all over the internet. Pay attention to the conditions on the purchase guarantee. It’s important to double-check that you can service it cost-free and count on tech support when something goes wrong with your webcam.


Extra Suggestions

Here are two additional tips that can significantly improve the quality of your video calls:

Camera angle

Before the video call starts, always make sure that your camera angle looks good on the framing. There are applications where you can check the preview of that. Placing a webcam on the top of your PC is the best solution. Sitting 3-4 feet away will surely make you perfectly visible.


Nobody expects you to have a professional set fitting with your job, but keeping it messy would be inappropriate. Besides, you don’t want something unexpected to be caught on the camera, and the caller on the other side surely doesn’t want that too.


The Bottom Line

Nowadays, every laptop or smartphone has an inbuilt camera, which makes video chatting easier than ever. However, these cameras often have very questionable quality. If online chatting is your primary way of communication, it’s better to invest in a reliable camera to improve the general video calling standards.

Choosing the right webcam doesn’t have to be that hard. The features listed above are the essentials of good quality products. Keep them in mind, and you will surely find a webcam that meets all your expectations and significantly improves the video call standards.



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