Infographic: How to Create a Successful Ad on Facebook

Infographic: How to Create a Successful Ad on Facebook


While just about every social-networking platform now has its own fully integrated advertising system, Facebook still reigns supreme in terms of features, insights and audience. As a business, that means Facebook is the ideal place to start. But unfortunately, just because Facebook is a great platform for advertising doesn’t mean all brands use it effectively. Many end up wasting money and throwing resources down the drain, because they have no strategy or don’t understand how to use it. Hopefully that’s not you. All it takes to succeed is a little knowledge of how Facebook advertising works and what some of the best practices are.


Creating a promoted post on Facebook is easy enough, but making sure it reaches the right audience and is worth the investment takes a little bit more effort. With a number of options available to help you connect with your customers, an informed approach can make all the difference. Check out the tips below to make sure you don’t miss something that could have made your Facebook sponsored post more successful.


infographic by SalesForce.




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