The Do’s and Don'ts of Call Center Wallboards

If you want your company to succeed, you need to remember that your employees should come first. Their motivation and productivity hold your company together, and it’s important that they stay satisfied and happy.

There are different ways of keeping your employees motivated and productive. However, when it comes to call-centers, traditional methods don’t always work. Let’s admit that work in the call center can be boring - and boredom is not something you want your staff to feel.

Here’s when wallboards can be of great help - they’re not expensive, and thanks to them, your staff will always stay on track. But before you go shopping, there’s something you need to know about wallboards:

Decide Why Do You Need a Wallboard

Yes, wallboards can boost productivity and impact your employees’ performance significantly. But did you know that they can also cause harm? If you have only an abstract idea of why you need a wallboard - don’t buy it. It will only cause disruption in the workplace, making the agents lose precious time when checking the wallboard.

If you want the wallboards to be a good addition to your workplace, make sure to put valuable information on them, simple and quickly grasped. This way, the time your employees will spend looking on the board will result in them being more motivated. Also, if the agents in your call-center have multiple goals and types of transaction, it’s not a very bright idea to distract them with extra monitors; you might want to consider a screen pop instead.


Get the Right Information On It

Once you decide why you need a wallboard, it’s time to choose what information to put on it. There’s a simple rule here: the less, the better. A person won’t be able to handle more than several pieces of information displayed on the monitor. Experts from Yeastar recommend adding not more than six metrics at a time. Make sure they’re simple, easy to understand for everyone in the workplace. And never make agents lose time by calculating something or waiting for data refresh.

Also, remember: the primary goal of your wallboard is to motivate your employees, not teach them how to live. Keep the message short and simple, and avoid special effects; for example: “Great job, keep it up!” Ensure the message can be read in two seconds - everything else should be communicated by phone, email, or in person.

And please, don’t make it boring. A lot of irrelevant information on the screen won’t motivate anyone; on the contrary, it will make your employees lose time. Add something to the board: highlight the most important information and use thresholds that change color when the performance improves or worsens. You can also sometimes display short GIFs or memes to lighten the mood - we promise, your staff will love it. 


Make It Easy to Access and Read

Then, of course, the agents don’t have time to stand up from their desks and go looking for the wallboard to see some metrics - so make sure they can easily access the monitors. Place them on the walls, high enough to be seen from any place in the office, but without moving the head. An agent must be able to glance at the metrics - and then get back to work. 


Remember About Your Employees

The most important thing to remember about wallboards is that they have to serve your employees, not distract them. Share progress and important metrics on it - but be considerate. Publishing average “handle time” stats may result in your employees taking shorter breaks or talking less with the customer, which will impact the quality of their work, and their health and well-being.

The better your employees the better they work. Competition is often an excellent way to motivate your team - but not always. Make sure that when getting a wallboard, you’re doing it for your employees.


To Sum Up

Call-center wallboard - or any display - is a fairly inexpensive solution to boost your employees’ productivity and motivation. However, it shouldn’t be limited to merely buying the hardware; you need to remember some important rules.

Before installing a wallboard, decide why you need it and what goal it needs to fulfil. Then, put only the most important information on it, something that can positively impact your workers’ performance. Avoid boring lines of information, add a drop of fun to the workplace. Remember, the wallboard has to serve your employees.



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