Top 5 Best Video Editing Software Tools for Designers and Content Creators

A picture can speak a thousand words, but the power of a video is much more. The popularity of viewing videos online on every possible platform has the onlookers absolutely hooked.

On the other hand, many aspirant videographers and content creators have begun to create videos online with a simple tool. Yes! The perfect video creation and editing tool can weave magic.

You do not have to be concerned about posting the most magnificent and image-heavy videos on Instagram or setting the tongues wagging thanks to Twitter when you select the right software. The world lies at your feet once you can choose from the enormous variety of professional yet affordable software.  Simply take your pick from 5 of the most talked-about and valuable software that can add, cut, and revise the elements to perfection.


1. InVideo

Do not shy away from creating videos when you have such superb software as an editor. Make use of its extensive library of templates to add to the content that is constantly being improved. Finish the simple editing task in a jiffy by adding to the InVideo timeline. You are welcome to add your own photographs, fonts, and content replete with music if you so desire. This software is a wizard when it comes to editing short videos. Thankfully, it can be done speedily, and you do not have to depend on the speed of your computer processor. Fall back on the tutorials and find ample support via updated help documentation as and when needed.


2. Adobe Premiere Pro CC

If you are looking for a big name, then this one is sure to grab your attention. You can handle a lot of tasks with this software. Load as many videos as you want regardless of their source and edit them to perfection without turning a hair. The automatic sync function will help you take multiple angled shots while creating unique videos by fine-tuning them with handy features. You may want to go a step further and invest in Adobe Premiere Rush additionally. It will enable you to edit videos captured by a mobile phone as well.


3. iMovie

A first-timer is definitely going to fall in love with this software. It comes with a limitation, however. The templates, animations, titles, and transitions are available in enormous varieties, but you will only be able to use them on Mac. You may want to cut tiny clips or combine all of the features to come up with a stunning video. It is a must-have for editors and content creators who regularly post videos on social media platforms. The most enticing fact about it is that it comes to you free.


4. Pinnacle Studio 23

This is a video editor par excellence that allows you to do almost everything you want. Apart from simple editing tricks, this software gives you an intuitive interface that will save you time by letting you do a drag & drop technique to achieve spectacular results. It is sophisticated software that helps you try 360-degree editing and provide you with stop motion support simultaneously. It comes at a price, no doubt, but you can afford it if you want to make headway in your chosen profession.


5. Shotcut

Another free video editor that is sure to pique your interest. You may need a bit of practice to use it effectively, though. Both the audio and video filters happen to be the best and can give the overpriced software a run for their money. The results vary between platforms too. So, take your time to get familiarized with its features before taking the final plunge into the world of video editing.



It is essential to use the best video editing software when you hope to create an impression. Selecting poor software will only reveal your ignorance and label you as unprofessional. Take your time to check out each video editor mentioned in the list and make the final decision based on facts.


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