Social Media

Social Media Manager


Social media today plays a role key into the transformation of everyday human activity,this powerful tools help us to promote our brand in a very effective way directly attracting potential customers to us,opening new business opportunities.

The Community Manager is the professional to prepare our brand strategy in social media.


Our services include:

• Managing your social networks, we take care while you focus on your business.
• Creating communication strategy.
• Approval of corporate image of your company to Social Networks. .
• Statistical reports which can be viewed 24/7
• Customer service, manage and give attention to your followers.

In G-Tech Design we help you facilitate rapprochement and interaction with clients as follows:

 • We developed a plan for social media marketing.

 • We continuously monitor trends on the web, in the sector of the company and its competition, and the opinions of its consumers.

 • Dynamize communication with customers, making them participants in the universe of the brand.

 • At the end of the month we provide a monthly report to the activities carried out in that period and achievements.

 • Finally, if necessary, apply new strategies to continue to meet goals.



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