Web Design

Web design involves work related to the layout and design of online pages, as well as content production, although it is generally applied to the creation of websites.

Web prototyping is the part of web design that is often overlooked (or is not given the importance it deserves) and that nevertheless is one of the most important when defining in a coherent, precise and effective the final design of a web or mobile application.

A web prototype consists of a sketch, navigable or not, that allows creating a visual reference of the structure of a web page, defining the content and its visual distribution in detail, thus organizing the information at the page level.

Thanks to its versatility, it can be used as a template for the programmer to develop a website as advised by the UX / UI designer, or as proof of changes made to an existing website.

At G-Tech Design we carry out the development of the web prototype so that the programmer simply has to replicate it through code.